Answers To Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

How Did You Get Started Doing The Work You Do?

As a Business Consultant I Always Loved Finding Ways To Make Things Work Better In Business’. I’ve Actually Received a Few Rewards For It Too!  I Also Love Design, I’ve Worked As An Interior Designer as Well As a Marketing Expert in Various Retail Business. So Building Website Seemed Like a Perfect Next Step, It Combines, Design, Marketing, Consulting & Retail All In One!

What All Do You Do?

Actually We Do Quite A Variety of Things! Our Projects have included: New Website Builds; Site Redesigns; SEO; Website Security; Branding; Logo Design; Photo Editing; Print Work; Brainstorming & Consulting.  We Can Also Do Small Print Work, to Match Your Website Such As Business Cards, Flyers Etc.

We Specialize In Design, We Can Do All The Photo Selection & Editing As Well As The Copy Writing of Your Website. However If You Prefer To Provide It, We Will Work With What You Have, or Build On It!

Do You Have An Hourly Rate?

We Prefer NOT To Charge By The Hour.  Instead We Offer A Fixed Rate For Each Project.  Then We Determine What Is & Isn’t Included For That Rate.  Each Project Is Unique, If You Find That You Want To Add Something To The Project Later On, We Then Add These Items Based On An Hourly Rate.

Our Hourly Rate of $50 an Hour. With a 3 Hour Min.

How Much Do You Charge For a Website?

This Is Usually The First Question We Get Asked.  Then Why Aren’t Our Prices On The Website?

There Are So Many Variables To Take Into Consideration Before Determining The Cost.

First We Need To Ask You a Lot of Questions:

  • What Is The Purpose Of Your Website?
  • What Features Do You Want To Include?
  • Are You Selling Anything On The Website?
  • Do You Have Photos & Written Wording Prepared, or Would You Like Us Do That?

After the Inquiring Stage, Where We Find Out What It Is Your Wanting To Create, We Start The Creative Process.  We Spend Time Looking For The Right Photos, Branding, Wording. Balancing the Spacing, The Colors and More, Then We Need To Check All Size Devices For Proper Sizing and Photo Resizing.  Then Checking Multi Browsers To Be Sure Your Website Is Displaying Properly.  Next There’s SEO & Security, Training You To Use It, Along With Daily Maintenance.

A Website is Truly an Investment Into Your Business.  It Shouldn’t Just Be Another Company Expense, It Should Be The Work Horse That Drives Most of, If Not All, of Your Business.

Prices Start at $800 For a Simple Basic Website & Can Go Up To $5,000+ Depending On The Size of The Site, The Creative Needs, The Special Coding & Other Variables.

What Is The Process For Getting A Website?

First We Chat Online. Follow By A Phone Call.  We’ll Ask You Many Questions About What You’re Looking To Create & Your “Whys?”.  We Then Do Research, Into Your Industry & What It Will Take To Create Your Vision.

Once We Get Back To You With a Quote & You Decide To Move Forward We Ask For a Down Payment.  You Send Us All The Information We Need To Build Your Site. Things Like Photos, Text, Account Information, Etc.

We Then Build The Home Page, Logo Design & Have You Review It.  We Discuss What You Like, Don’t Like, Make Adjustment and Continue The Process Until The Entire Website Is Completed.

Once You Have Paid The Remaining Balance, We Then Move The Site To Your Domain Name. Provide You With Training and 6 Months of Basic Maintenance.

How Do We Meet?

Actually Everything Is Done Online.  No Need to Travel.  We’re Based Out Of Upstate NY, However We’ve Worked With Clients All Over The USA. One Company Had Business Partners, That Live On Opposite Sides Of The Country.  We Use Live Screen Views & Videos For Training.

What Is The Turn Around Time For Getting My Website?

Most Websites are 75% Complete Within 30 Days, Completed in 60 Days.  But They’re Always The Exceptions To This Rule.   It Will  Depends Greatly On How Quickly You Respond To My Questions & Provide The Needed Information.  As Well As Provide The Required Down Payment.

If There Is Another Website We’re Working On, At The Same Time, We Will Let You Know This. We Only Take On A Few Sites At A Time, So That We Aren’t Rushed.  We Pour Out Hearts & Souls Into Each Project, We Create Unique Master Pieces, Not Cookie Cutter Designs.

How Do You Accept Payments?

We Require 50% Upfront, and The Balance Before The Website is Transferred to Your Domain.  For Larger Scale Project, We Can Make a Payment Schedule of 3 or 4 Payments Over Time.

My Preferred Form of Payment Is Through PayPal, It’s Safe & Secure & Risk Free. It’s Used By Some Of The Biggest Online Shopping Company, Like eBay.

We Also Except Check Via US Postal Service. Funds Must Clear Before Work Is Started.

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